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Favorite Moments from the Old Comiskey Park.

August 31, 2006


I want to create a page for this site entitled, “Favorite moments for Old Comiskey.” Here’s what I need from you, kind reader. Type up your favorite moment from the old ball park. It could be a game, something that happened in a game that has stayed with you, or hell, it could be the first time you had a kosher dog.

As long as it’s about a moment you had in the ball park I’ll post it (in other words, it can’t be something you watched on television or someone told you about.)

There is no monetary compensation, as I’m not going to make money on it. As an option, for all that want I will post all (or some)of the following (whatever you want): I will post the name of the person who contributed the story, city and state, email, blog/;website link.

Send them to:

So write up those favorite moments and send them in. There is no dealine, I’d like this to be a continuous updated feature.




Two very sloppy wins, inching back towards the top, and a New Chat feature.

August 31, 2006

The last two nights against the Rays have been frustrating to follow. Most of this frustration stems from their lack of consistency. They play like all-stars one game, and like sand lotters the next. Consistency seems to be the team’s biggest enemy this year, especially among the pitching staff.

Other than Jon Garland, pre-All-Star game Contreras and Bobby “Jinkies” Jenks, the pitching staff seems to be on really shaky ground. Buehrle throws a decent game every three or four starts. Vazquez has an apparent fear of the number six, Garcia complains when he doesn’t get enough runs, then sabotages games when he does, Contreras seems to have eaten a bad cupcake straight from Wonderland during the all star break and has completely crumbled. Cotts has somehow contracted Damaso disease, Riske is just that when he comes in. While one might argue that all of this is consistent, that’s just morbid and I won’t allow it. 😉

Other players on this list include:

Scott “Dr. Scrappy/Mr. Crappy” Podsednik- The only thing worse than having your lead off man strike out is having your leadoff man strike out 4 times in a game. He’s not getting it done, Sir Ozzie. Sit him on the bench and give him tweezers to pick the splinters from his ass. Or at least swap him with Uribe.

Paul “what, me homer?” Konerko- Something tells me that Greg Walker has been doing too much tinkering with Konerko’s swing. And the longer his homer slump goes, the more tinkering will occur. Stop the insanity. Yes, he is hitting .309, but Oh for the long one…

Brian “Can’t I have a DH” Anderson- Excellent fielder, just a crap shoot at the plate. Sure, he comes around every now and again, but he best work on his hitting in the off season if he plans on returning to the starting lineup in ’07.

Jermaine “I don’t” Dye- This man has almost been single-handedly carrying the entire team lately– both his SB’s last night lead to Sox runs (including the game winner! His clutch ninth inning homer against the Twinkies gave the sox a chance to win (which they blew). He can do no wrong right now.

That’s all I have time for right now.. Care to add your own? (or revise one of mine?) Feel free!


It was one of the rare times I’ll root for my market team, the Yankees. And I was rooting for them only because they’re playing the tiggers. So what do they do? The Stankees opt not to go to Rivera to close the game– and they paid for it. It doesn’t really hurt them any, seeing as how the Red Sox have all but become a blip on the far reaching radar. But it does hurt the Sox, who could’ve picked up an extra 1/2 game on the lead.

Hopefully Randy Johnson can sizzle against them today. And then sweep the Twinkies this weekend. But perhaps that is asking too much. Just win today. Baby steps.

Jim Thome— Put him on the DL. Let him rest and come back fighting at the end. He needs the rest. And we need him.


I’ve added a new chat/shout out box feature. I openly admit it, I had a motive. I was inspired by the Chi-Sox Blog, where its members comment during the game. I thought to myself, self, what if we did it in a live chat session? Then I hunted, and found this wordpress plugin called wordspew. I installed it and it tests well. I’d like to give it a live game test with multiple users. If you’re interested in participating in a live chat during the game, let me know.

Go Yankees.

August 28, 2006

So, if the Yankees can sweep the tiggers, Kc plays spoilers to eh Twins, and the sox beat the Devil Rays, life won’t be good, but it will be better.

Oh, and I listened to my first Sox game this year. I have to say it, Chris Singleton is not very good at all. It really did sound like I was listening to Ed Farmer and a nervous kid agreeing with everything he said and not really adding anything to the broadcast. Surely the Sox could’ve done better, or is this a buddy-hire by Ken Williams?

In any case, there were a great many times where I wanted Chris to shut up, and on a radio broadcast that is not good.

Do or Dye, the Sox split with The Tigers.

August 25, 2006

What a game.

Every starter on the Sox got a hit, save one (Gload), Dye goes 3-3 with a walk and left the yard twice. Uribe had a three run bomb as well. Garland pitched a complete game six-hit shutout. Stellar flashes of leather by Gload, and Anderson with a nice dive snag. The Sox were definitely getting the job done.

And yet, all of this is over shadowed by one fluke play probably never to be seen in baseball every again. Pablo Ozuna threw out Sean Casey at first base from the outfield. Okay, I see you saying “While that’s rare, I’m sure we’ll see that again.” Did I mention that Ozuna was playing left field at the time?

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look on It will definitely be listed as one of the best plays of the year.

Jenkies, We Win.

August 23, 2006

With tonight’s win, the White Sox stay 1/2 game ahead of the Twins in the wild card race and gain a game on the Tigers.

Watching this game on ESPN2, I felt certain they would blow it. I’m not trying to be pessimistic–the Sox just left too many runners on base. And with the way they have been playing lately, that has come back to bite them in the A$$. But, their bullpen held on, amazingly.

And with this win, Jenkies picks up his league-leading 36th save.

So that’s it. As long as they don’t face any real pitchers, they’ll be all set for the playoffs.

All right guys, cut your losses and take tomorrow’s game for the split, and come back home to play the Twins on a two game winning streak.

Slip sliding away…

August 23, 2006

So the Sox lost again.

The only saving grace was that both the Twins and Red Sox lost, Keeping the White Sox on top in the wild card race.

I think it’s seriously time to step up and demote a starter and let Brandon McCarthy take over.

As for who, that’s a tough call.

Mark Buehrle and Javier Vazquez are tops on my list. Perhaps a short stint as a middle reliever will snap these two out of their pitching stupor.

And while we’re at it, how about stepping up the batting practice, especially when runners are on base. I don’t even know how many times the Sox had runners on base and no outs only to pop out and ground into a double play.

One should not have dread when there are runners on base and the #4 hitter is up. And yet, that is what I feel in that situation.

It seems to me that they need to get back to the little things– the main reason they won last year. They’ve apparently forgotten that.

The problems of not living in the market of your favorite team…

August 21, 2006

Let me walk you through a day in the life of how I follow the White Sox. Ill skip all the boring parts like showering and eating and the like…

After waking up, i sit down at my computer and check the White Sox website, looking for news about the upcoming game/series/whatever.

Once that’s done, I head over to and look through their page.

Then I head to this page and check all the feeds.

Throughout the rest of the day I’ll check back with both these sites….

At gametime, I go to ESPN and see if it’s a rare day and the Sox game is on there. 999 out of 1000 it is not.

On days when the Sox play the Yankees, I turn on YES (all yankees, all the time *barf*), otherwise I log on to and click on the field icon next to the sox scoreboard.

There, a window opens that has a field on the left with all the players named, on the right are the rosters and stats. Directly in the middle is a batter with a strike zone box, with a detail window below and a player box above. This is where all the excitement happens.

It’s fairly live, pitches show up several seconds after they happen and details of plays happen in the field box on the left as well as in the center box.

In other words, it’s not fun at all.


I don’t just sit there and stare at this window. I’m not a loser (most of the time). Usually I have it minimized and come back to it every now and again, and depending on what is going on, what the score is, and what inning, I’ll either minimize or watch. Exciting, huh?

It’s not terrible, but it’s also frustratingly tedious and not very fun.

Now, MLB has two services that I could subscribe to, MLBTV and Gameday Audio. MLBTV isn’t cheap, and I’m concerned with the quality. Nothing like watching Konerko step up to bat in the bottom of the ninth and just as he swings net-lag hits.

As far as the audio goes, I’ve gotten it before. And I’l be honest, I have no idea why I don’t have it now. It’s only nine bucks for the year. I can afford that.

You know, tomorrow I’m buying the dang thing. 😉

Then at least I can have audio as I watch the gameday box.

Things to do to keep from going insane while your favorite baseball team clings desperately to playoff hopes

August 21, 2006

> Take up a less stressful hobby, like teaching driver’s ed.

>Join a fantasy league in a sport you’re unfamiliar with. It won’t help, but at least you have
some control over that.

> Design this year’s World Series logo, and draw up some “World Series Champs” featuring your favorite team. If you have the signs, they have to win, right?

> Denounce your favorite team, with the hope that in doing so they will win it all just to spite you.

> Make a list of things to do to keep your mind off the building insanity.

> Call an AM sports talk show and tell them why you think you’re team is struggling. Keep calling even when the producer of the show tells you he’s calling the cops. They don’t really mean it, and your message is important.

> Get a job sweeping the floors at a busy truck stop. Truckers love to talk sports with broom-wielding fanatics.

White Sox Win, Detroit Loses… life is good.

August 19, 2006

The White Sox have pulled within five and a half games of Detroit with a win over the Twins, also increasing their lead in the wild card race to two games over said Twins.

And just yesterday I was bemoaning the Sox and their failing to gain ground on the Tigers when they had the chance. Funny, this little game of baseball is.

And the Cubs won too, helping the Reds climb closer to the Cards.

On a different note, what is up with the Red Sox? They seem to be disintegrating under the pressure of the race. At this point I’m not concerned, because of course they are in direct competition with the White Sox for the only wild card spot. But I will admit I have a soft spot for that “other” Sox team and their fans.


Because we come from similar boats. We both know what it’s like to love a loser– Well, we did.

Of course it was a little different, seeing as how the R. Sox did have many more chances at the title than their Chicago counterparts, and should have won it in ’86 had it not been for an infamous first basemen. Dare I name him? nah, you know who I mean.

But I did feel for them a little bit last season, their hopes of a repeat thwarted. I got over that quickly enough.

But I digress.

Good game tonight. Make it just as good tomorrow.

A fabulous sight at the little league world series.

August 19, 2006

So, it’s Saturday night and I flipped to ESPN to see if it was a rare day that I could catch a MLB game (and an even rarer chance of that game featuring the White Sox). It wasn’t, but there was a baseball game on– a little league world series game between Saipan and Venezuela.

The score was knotted at zero in the top half of the sixth inning. The Venezuelan pitcher was working his last inning, throwing close to 100 pitches. There is no rule about the number of pitches, but apparently a pitcher can work no more than six innings. He got himself in a little bit of trouble by hitting the first batter of the inning, and slipping on the bunt attempt of the second batter.

With runners on first and second and no outs, the young pitcher gets himself out of the potentially dangerous situation by striking out the next three batters. What’s more, it was this pitcher’s 16th, 17th, and 18th strikeouts. Do the math. Yes. This kid struck out all but two of his teams defensive outs. That’s impressive. No, that’s beyond impressive.

But that is not what drove me to my computer to type this little piece.

The truly fabulous thing I witnessed during my five minutes of game watching was what transpired after the first batter was hit by the pitch.

The pitch came in and nailed the left-handed batter right in the side of the rib cage, the kid crumpled in a grimace immediately. After a few minutes of lying on the ground with the coach, the batter stood up and trotted to first base.

As soon as he reached the bag, the pitcher trotted over to him and shook his hand and apologized.

In a day and age where beanballs are met with beanballs (and then fisticuffs), it was truly heartening to see this interaction take place.

Now, if only the pros would follow this fine example.