I created this page because I wanted an outlet for talking about the White Sox. I don’t plan on being fair and balanced (can I say that without being sued?) and I am certainly up for debate.

I felt the name “The Exploding Pinwheel” was appropriate for two reasons; 1) the pinwheels come from the top of the scoreboard at The Cell (forever Comiskey Park) and when I was younger that’s where I thought the fireworks came from after a Sox player homered, and 2) I tend to explode and go on tirades when I see stupid things happening.

I grew up on the South side of Chicago and spent most of my youth at Comiskey Park. Baseball has always been a part of my life, although we went on a trial separation in 1994. This almost led to a complete divorce, but the 2005 Sox helped mend the rift.

I know live in upstate New York, so I follow the Sox via the Internet.

I am also an avid fan of hockey and football.


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