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Out of Hibernation, momentarily

November 17, 2006

Just a note to say Neal Cotts is gone.  I’ve never heard of the players the Sox got for him, but I have to say I’m relieved.  Anyone with two eyes can see that Cotts has mental problems (in games, that is.  No clue to his mental health in “real life”).  Anyone, except the Cubs that is. 😉


Which ex-Sox Player is going to win it all?

October 8, 2006

I was looking last night, and realized that each team in the playoffs has at least one player that has worn a Sox uniform.

So with ex-Sox player will be getting a ring this year?

A’s – Frank Thomas
Tigers – Magglio Ordonez

Mets- Jose Valetin, Julio Franco, Orlando Hernandez, Roberto Hernandez
Padres- Geoff Blum, Mike Cameron
Cards – Aaron Miles

Aaron Miles? He played like 8 games. Honest.

Some changes around here?

October 4, 2006

I initially set this up as a multiple sports blog. This was before I started seriously writing, and several other projects.

As it stand now, I have yet to watch more than five minutes of football this year, and the prospect of catching many NHL games isn’t very good.

So, for now, I’m keeping it as is. But don’t be surprised if this becomes a White Sox blog, and going into a temporary hybernation.

No, I haven’t given up, nor am I off mourning…

September 25, 2006

I’m not even dwelling on the fact that if the Sox were in the National League they would almost certainly be assured the wild card spot (if not the division title, in the Central or West). But what’s the point in that? They’re certainly not playing like a team that deserves to be in the playoffs. And worse, they’d get owned. And nobody wants that.

No, I’ve just been busy with real life things.

It’s funny, I started this blog to cover baseball, football and hockey. Well, truth is, I have nothing to say about football. Why? Because I haven’t watcher more than five minutes all season.

I guess I got so wrapped up in the baseball chase I forget to get enthused about football. Hopefull that won’t happen with hockey!

So which personality will show up tonight? Teddy Incharge or Susie Ibrokeanail? UPDATED!

September 8, 2006

So, it seems the Sox have multiple personalities. The fun part is guessing which personality will show up. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Here are the personalities as I see them. If you have know of any more, please feel free to add.

Teddy “In” Charge– We saw him for the final game against the Bo. Sox. This guy takes command from the start and never lets go– pitches great, hits like it’s going out of style.

Susie “IBroke” ANail– This is the team that appeared last night, and many times since the all star break, I’m afraid. Susie plays awful defense, pitches beach balls, and doesn’t bother to swing the bat with any effort. She does all this because she is afraid of ruining her new manicure.

Smokin’ Joe Batless– Smokin’ Joe throws pitches that leave opposing batters wishing they had stayed in bed that morning. Unfortunately for him, Joe just can’t seem to hit, and is evenually done in by a string of bloop hits and (possible) errors late in the game.

Hammerin’ Hank LobLeague– Hammerin’ Hank drives in a ton of runs on a plethora of hits. Unfortuntely for him, he pitches like a fifth grade lobleaguer, so he usually loses games 13-12.

Steve “too little” Toolate– Steve has a tendency to fall behind in the game, only to make a run in the last few innings of the game. Last year, Steve was rather successful. This year, not so much.

So who shows up tonight?


It was Sgt. Major Flip “Come” FromBehind. That bastard! Totally had me fooled, with that incredible “Blow it” Inda Ninth costume.

Congratulations *insert Wild Card team that won’t be the W. Sox*

September 5, 2006

To the team that takes the AL wild card spot,

Congratulations! You’ve played hard, shown a ton of heart, and got the job done when you needed to. You’ve proven that you wanted it, and worked your butt off to get it.

Why am I saying the Sox won’t be the wild card?


They’re not playing hard.

They’re not showing any heart.

They’re definitely not getting the job done.

They’re not proving that they want it.

And they’re totally not working their butt off to get there.

Last year, they were hungry, confident and played with heart. This year they’re complacent, insecure and even Jon “I should be the first 17 game winner” Garland and Jermaine “The Defibrillator” Dye can’t spark life into this team.

Last year, it didn’t matter how far the Sox were behind, who was pitching (aside from Damaso “I suck in big games”(shortened to “I suck”) Marte, or who was up to bat. They were always still in the game, and guys at the bottom of the lineup were just as likely to drive in runs as the top-middle. Today, once Crede bats, I find myself hoping that they can at least get a guy or two on so that we can start the next inning with the top of the order. And if they go into the ninth inning and it is the bottom half of the lineup, I know not to get my hopes up.

Am I giving up on this team? Well, no. But I’m a masochist– most diehard W. Sox fans are. But something has to change with this team in the final month or they will be watching the playoffs from the golf course. And that will REALLY piss me off.

Don’t be a one trick pony, Sox. Kick yourselves in the ass and get going and get it done. And when you raise the World Series Trophy, I will forgive you for giving us, the fans, heart attacks on a gamely basis.

Yours respectfully,

D.T. Kelly
Sox fan since before he was born.

Favorite Moments from the Old Comiskey Park.

August 31, 2006


I want to create a page for this site entitled, “Favorite moments for Old Comiskey.” Here’s what I need from you, kind reader. Type up your favorite moment from the old ball park. It could be a game, something that happened in a game that has stayed with you, or hell, it could be the first time you had a kosher dog.

As long as it’s about a moment you had in the ball park I’ll post it (in other words, it can’t be something you watched on television or someone told you about.)

There is no monetary compensation, as I’m not going to make money on it. As an option, for all that want I will post all (or some)of the following (whatever you want): I will post the name of the person who contributed the story, city and state, email, blog/;website link.

Send them to:

So write up those favorite moments and send them in. There is no dealine, I’d like this to be a continuous updated feature.



Go Yankees.

August 28, 2006

So, if the Yankees can sweep the tiggers, Kc plays spoilers to eh Twins, and the sox beat the Devil Rays, life won’t be good, but it will be better.

Oh, and I listened to my first Sox game this year. I have to say it, Chris Singleton is not very good at all. It really did sound like I was listening to Ed Farmer and a nervous kid agreeing with everything he said and not really adding anything to the broadcast. Surely the Sox could’ve done better, or is this a buddy-hire by Ken Williams?

In any case, there were a great many times where I wanted Chris to shut up, and on a radio broadcast that is not good.

Things to do to keep from going insane while your favorite baseball team clings desperately to playoff hopes

August 21, 2006

> Take up a less stressful hobby, like teaching driver’s ed.

>Join a fantasy league in a sport you’re unfamiliar with. It won’t help, but at least you have
some control over that.

> Design this year’s World Series logo, and draw up some “World Series Champs” featuring your favorite team. If you have the signs, they have to win, right?

> Denounce your favorite team, with the hope that in doing so they will win it all just to spite you.

> Make a list of things to do to keep your mind off the building insanity.

> Call an AM sports talk show and tell them why you think you’re team is struggling. Keep calling even when the producer of the show tells you he’s calling the cops. They don’t really mean it, and your message is important.

> Get a job sweeping the floors at a busy truck stop. Truckers love to talk sports with broom-wielding fanatics.

White Sox Win, Detroit Loses… life is good.

August 19, 2006

The White Sox have pulled within five and a half games of Detroit with a win over the Twins, also increasing their lead in the wild card race to two games over said Twins.

And just yesterday I was bemoaning the Sox and their failing to gain ground on the Tigers when they had the chance. Funny, this little game of baseball is.

And the Cubs won too, helping the Reds climb closer to the Cards.

On a different note, what is up with the Red Sox? They seem to be disintegrating under the pressure of the race. At this point I’m not concerned, because of course they are in direct competition with the White Sox for the only wild card spot. But I will admit I have a soft spot for that “other” Sox team and their fans.


Because we come from similar boats. We both know what it’s like to love a loser– Well, we did.

Of course it was a little different, seeing as how the R. Sox did have many more chances at the title than their Chicago counterparts, and should have won it in ’86 had it not been for an infamous first basemen. Dare I name him? nah, you know who I mean.

But I did feel for them a little bit last season, their hopes of a repeat thwarted. I got over that quickly enough.

But I digress.

Good game tonight. Make it just as good tomorrow.