I’m no Cubs fan, but….

October 4, 2006

It would behoove them to pickup Girardi as manager. They need him.

That is all.


First round playoff predictions…

October 3, 2006

Twins over A’s in 4

Yankees over Tigers in 3

Mets over the Dodgers in 5

Padres over Cardinals in 4.

No, I haven’t given up, nor am I off mourning…

September 25, 2006

I’m not even dwelling on the fact that if the Sox were in the National League they would almost certainly be assured the wild card spot (if not the division title, in the Central or West). But what’s the point in that? They’re certainly not playing like a team that deserves to be in the playoffs. And worse, they’d get owned. And nobody wants that.

No, I’ve just been busy with real life things.

It’s funny, I started this blog to cover baseball, football and hockey. Well, truth is, I have nothing to say about football. Why? Because I haven’t watcher more than five minutes all season.

I guess I got so wrapped up in the baseball chase I forget to get enthused about football. Hopefull that won’t happen with hockey!

What the Sox need to do for 2007.(Keepers, Iffies, and Dumpers)

September 21, 2006

Here is what I think the Sox need to do to bring the Championship back to Chicago. (I know, it’s a bit premature, seeing as how the Sox still have a slight chance to make the playoffs), but hey, it’s my blog.)I’m not going to list everyone… Only the ones that matter. All this is done without knowledge of contract status…

First things first, the lineup;


Jermaine Dye, RF– An obvious keeper. One of the only bright spots this frustrating season. Whatever he wants, he gets, in my book.

Paul Konerko, 1B– Similar to Dye. These two are the cornerstones of this team.

Tadahito Iguchi, 2B– I think he’s a great second basemen and has pop in his bat.

A.J. Pierzynski, C– I think if he’s not careful he might start to recieve the same reception at the Cell that he got when he was in San Fran. But for now, he’s a keeper.

Jon Garland, SP– Having a breakout year (and to my count should have over 20 wins, what with all the leads the bullpen blew for him.) and should continue into next season. He’s #1 next year in my book.

Brandon McCarthy, SP– notice I said “SP” not “RP”. Give this boy a chance to pitch the way he should– starting. I don’t know if he’ll live up to expectations, but he should be given the chance to do just that. He’s #5

Jose Contreras, SP– He came skidding out of the All Star break after a stellar first half, but part of that skid is the lack of offensive help. He’s #2.

Pablo Ozuna, Util– I like this guy on the bench, versitile with some speed.

Ross Gload, Util– Same as Ozuna as I like having him on the bench, and he does decently at first for when Konerko or Thome need a day off.

Jim Thome, DH– At first I was going to put him in the “Iffie” pile, but I thought better of it. Truth is, he’s the perfect DH, and I cannot think of anyone else that would fill that role on this club better (other than Thomas, *snarl*). Plus I really like him sandwiched between Dye and Konerko.

Bobby Jenks, RP– Up until his hip injury, Jenkies was rolling. He’s staggered some since, and I’m not convinced he’s healed, but having a nice winter off and he’ll be back to his fireballing in April.

Mike MacDougal, RP– One of the few bright spots in the bullpen, one of the better improvements the Sox made this year.


Scott Podsednik, LF– This is probably the move I feel the strongest about. He’s proven time and again he’s an average hitter, a below average fielder with a peewee arm (C’mon, you have guys with OK speed tagging from second to third on his rubber arm.) He had a career year in 205 and will never hit that plateau again, dump him on some developing team using the “speed” argument. Just make sure to use 2005’s SB numbers.

Juan Uribe, SS– The man can play defense, I will give him that. But he lives with the delusion that he’s a power hitter. The Sox have all the power hitters they need. Hopefully they can trade Juan top a team that needs power for a solid middle reliever.

Mark Buehrle, SP– He wants to go to St. Louis, I say ship his ass across the Mississippi. Maybe they’ll give up David Eckstein and solve our hole at SS.

Javier Vazquez, SP– This guy has a mental block involving the sixth inning and I for one never want to see him hurl a ball again. Unless they move him to the pen and make certain he never pitches in the 6th.

Sandy Alomar, C– you’re getting rid of Buerhle, no need for his personal catcher to stick around.


Brian Anderson, CF– this is by far my hardest choice. I like this kid, I think he has awesome talent in the field. But his hitting need severe work. And that’s where I sit, teetering between fielding and hitting, keeping and dumping. I guess if they traded him for a grinder, I’d accept it. I’d also accept them keeping him, but if his hitting does not come around either trade him or drop him to Charlotte.

Joe Crede, 3B– He would be in my keepers pile without a doubt except for two things, his back and his bat. It’s obvious that hit back is bothering him. He plays stellar defense, but his hitting is suffering for it. If he comes to spring training healthy, that’s all the better for the Sox.His bat? What’s wrong with his bat? He suffers from the same delusion that Uribe has. He’s not a power hitter but he wants to be one. He needs to get over this and stop trying to kill the ball with every swing.

Freddie Garcia, SP– Up until two starts ago, he was on my “Dumpers” list. If he sticks with this sinker/forkball/splitter/whatever it is and continues to pitch like he has in his last two, I will keep him. If he reverts back to the whiny baby he was earlier in the year, ship him out.

Neil Cotts, RP — if he shows up to spring training looking like he did in 2005, keep him where he’s at. If he shows up looking like Damaso Marte, demote or trade him.

Next, the note to Ozzie–

Go back to small ball. You claimed you would for 2006, but it didn’t happen. You’re the skipper and the blame falls on you. Do I think you should have Konerko or Dye bunting guys over? No. But I do expect postions 1,2,6,7,8,9 to do so mercilessly.

I don’t care who’s pitching, he starts looking fatigued, he’s out. I don’t know many players who would openly admit to being done, and I don’t know if I’d want pitchers that did. You get paid the big bucks for making these decisions, make them.

I don’t care how many runs we’re down, LEAVE our starting lineup in the game (excluding the pitcher, of coure). I can’t remember how many games we lost because captain hook pulled guys like Thome and Konerko because the Sox were down by eight (Anyone else remember the Cleveland game at home where they came without a dog hair’s width of making an 8 run comeback in the ninth? would’ve been helpful if Dye and Konerko were still in the game).

finally, the sum up–

Get a quality left fielder with speed and leadoff potential. Keep Anderson on a really short leash, otherwise get a grinder in center like you had with Rowand. Grab a shortstop that can match Uribe’s range and arm but without the delusions of being a power hitter. Pickup quality middle relievers. Return to the World Series and win. Rinse and Repeat.

It’s time to pull the plug and let this one die in peace.

September 21, 2006

Those blips on the monitor were only blips. It’s time to pull the plug on the White Sox’s post season hopes. It’s very painful and not something I want to do, but I have to do it. To let it linger is only going to be more painful for everyone involved.

Last night’s game (which I got to watch on ESPN) is a perfect example of why the Sox failed this year– they’re not playing the same game they played in 2005–small ball. (I won’t get into pitching just yet)

Last year, guys were sacrificing at bats to move runners, swiping bags whenever possible. If someone homered it was a bonus.

Last night (and this whole season) everyone is swinging for the fences. Don’y believe me? Next time you watch a Sox game, watch Uribe. The guy can barely stay up on his two feet when he swings. This is the number nine hitter; a guy with decent speed who should be bunting more and trying to slap the ball down the lines.

I played baseball for 13 years. I was considered a power hitter ( I don’t think I ever batted lower than 5th after peewee ball). I know what it’s like to swing for the fences every time out. Yes, you do hit homers that way, but you also strike out much more, and create more outs. If the swing is natural, the home runs still come, maybe not as often. BUT, when you do hit the ball you’re more likely to reach safely. Where’s my evidence? Watch a Sox game. EVERY single player is trying to hit a home run EVERY time up.

If it’s the bottom of the ninth, you’re down by one and you have a runner on first, by all means swing for the fences. If you’re leading off the game, your job is getting on base. Period.

I’ll write my recommendations for 2007 in another post.


World Champion White Sox

It was fun while it lasted. No I have to hope the Stankees don’t win it all. Go METS!

A sign of life, or just a blip on the life support?

September 20, 2006

While some may think I’ve turned pessimist, I’d argue that I am a realist about the Sox’s chances of making the playoffs. Why? Because I’ve been a fan of this team long enough to look past the blinders of 2005 and remember the YEARS of flirting with the playoffs only to miss, and then the decades of not even being close.

So with that realism, I say that with the way the season is going, they should enter into tonight’s game and put up no runs and give up plenty. This season’s history is on my side.

Do I want them to win? Of course I do. I want them to win it all at least 5 more times. But the realist in me is starting to cut his losses.

Sox Personality for Tuesday: Teddy “In” Charge
Predicted Sox Personality for Wed: Susie “IBroke” ANail

C’mon Sox. Prove me wrong. I’m begging you.

It bears repeating…

September 18, 2006

The Sox don’t have it this year.

I really have nothing more to say on the matter. Their heart is gone, there spring has sprung, they’re out of gas, they’re lifeless. Pick whichever one you like.


Did anyone else that Ex-Sox players have been putting a hurt on us lately?

Frank Thomas owner them in Oakland, and now Mags seems to be sticking it in our faces.

Que Sera Sera.

This is it.

September 18, 2006

This is the make or break series (so far). The Sox need to sweep the Tigers for a shot at a playoff spot.

It’s time to put up or shut up.

The Mood is Dark, the sun is setting…

September 17, 2006

The bottom line for the Sox in ’05 was; they did the little things. The offense and pitching worked together to win games. They clicked.

Here is what appears to be the bottom line on the Sox for ’06– They lack the ability to pull their game together. They’re streaky at best, and when the pressure is on, nothing is reliable. This team has a severe Dr. Jackyll/Mr. Hyde complex— You just don’t know which will show up on any given day.

One game they’re nearly perfect (literally), and the next they can’t string two hits together to save thier life, or they can’t pitch in the 6th inning.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if they cannot pull it together REALLY soon, there will be no post season in Chicago.

But with how they’re playing now, do they deserve to be in the playofffs?

Twins take advantage, and thoughts on the near perfect game.

September 14, 2006

Both the Sox and the Tiggers are off tonight, so naturally the Twins have to win and pull within 1 game of the AL Central top spot and pad their lead over the Sox. The trend with all three teams seems to be to play at the level of their opponent. I’m hoping that Det and Min have problems with Bal and Cle… I really am. The Sox, of course, will do just fine against the A’s. That sounded confident, didn’t it?


F. Garcia almost pulled off the perfect game. I didn’t get to listen to the entire ball game as I had to take my son to karate, but I did hear up to the seventh inning. And I notice that both Farmer and Singleton were extra cautious about not mentioning the fact that a perfect game was going on.

Some things I hope come away from this near perfect day (both pitching and hitting):

a) this is the spark the team needed to kick it up

b) this is showing us what Garcia will be like the rest of the year

c) the hitters found their grooves again.

I only wish they didn’t have the day off– I hope the day of rest doesn’t dampen these sparks, the Sox can ill afford that.