The 2006 White Sox Personalities

So, it seems the Sox have multiple personalities. The fun part is guessing which personality will show up. There seems to be no set pattern, any one of them can show up at any given game.

Here are the personalities as I see them. If you have know of any more, please feel free to add.

Teddy “In” Charge– This guy takes command from the start and never lets go– pitches great, hits like it’s going out of style. We don’t see him as much as we’d like.

Susie “IBroke” ANail– This is the team that has appeared many times since the all star break, I’m afraid. Susie plays awful defense, pitches beach balls, and doesn’t bother to swing the bat with any effort. She does all this because she is afraid of ruining her new manicure.

Smokin’ Joe Batless– Smokin’ Joe throws pitches that leave opposing batters wishing they had stayed in bed that morning. Unfortunately for him, Joe just can’t seem to hit, and is evenually done in by a string of bloop hits and (possible) errors late in the game.

Hammerin’ Hank LobLeague– Hammerin’ Hank drives in a ton of runs on a plethora of hits. Unfortuntely for him, he pitches like a fifth grade lobleaguer, so he usually loses games 13-12.

Steve “too little” Toolate– Steve has a tendency to fall behind in the game, only to make a run in the last few innings of the game. Last year, Steve was rather successful. This year, not so much.

Sgt. Major Flip “Come” FromBehind– This hardcore maniac usually comes from out of nowhere, but he arrives like the cavalry and saves the day. Like mighty mouse.

“Blow it” Inda Ninth– When Inda appears, sox fans groan and curse because Inda is the equivalent of showing a little toddler a piece of candy, telling that kid that they can have it, then tossing said piece of candy into your own mouth.

Justin Nuff– This guy doesn’t put too much effort into anything, and usually wins— barely.


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